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Monday, October 31, 2005

hula practice - queen's palace

Sunday, October 30, 2005

so......last night my son and I went to a costume party - he was Dionydes and I a wood nymph - by the end of the evening our names had morphed into "grape dude" and "tree lady" - (smile) - the best part of the evening was making music with solomon, john, rayanne, andre and his shy girlfriend with a big beautiful voice - (I was on the drum) - some times it seems the most important thing one can do with one's life is to find and create harmony with others - regardless of background, temperament, talent or virtue.......

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Tremble, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

word for the day

the wind's bride, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

- or - pilgrim's rest

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be."

- Kurt Vonnegut

Friday, October 21, 2005

Mauna Kea - the Wau Akua (place where the gods live)

The world is a very different place at 9000 feet elevation.
The clouds arrive suddenly, envelope you and then evaporate as quickly as they appeared.

Mauna Kea Cloud

a picture for you, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

dream recalled from some few years ago - i was climbing up a steep mountain path, a man accompanying me - a steep climb and an unknown path (to me) - i am carrying sacred objects in both hands - one hand holds a pouch or bag, the contents not known to me except that i know that it contains powerful symbols or tokens - the other hand carries a sort of stick, as i recall - somehow our trek up this mountain is for the people who watch our progress from below - not an exhibition for them but somehow we ascend FOR them - their future depends upon our success - we look down upon our family below (this family is closer to a village family rather than biological family) - there is a big sea also at the base of this mountain and as i look down, a great fish leaps out of the water, as a dolphin does - though this fish does not splash back into the sea but rises! it continues rising and up above our heads finally dives into the sea of heaven! such joy upon witnessing this feat - the other realm is real and attainable!

why do i recall this dream and why do i share it with you? being human means to me that i (we) carry something sacred through our lives; i cannot decipher nor explain the contents of this sacred "offering"; i do not know the path and it is an uphill climb (for now); why was i chosen for this role????? i am not the strongest, not the purest, not the most obedient, not the most faithful,not the wisest, not the weaver of marvelous tales and poetry nor painter of beautiful artworks, - maybe i AM the most mediocre (grin) - nevertheless, here i am carrying the sacred, climbing the mountain, and overjoyed at the realization that the other "realm" is nearer

- only you can tell me if this dream carries meaning to YOU, if not, i can at least consider it a revelation of hope for Ruth

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


they dance to a drum and to the chant

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Blessed Ramadan to my friends who are observing - I join you this year, and my prayers are for your success in purifying yourselves-

Day One for me was difficult but I guess I passed the first test - Day Two was an utter failure, except that I learned how pitiful my will power is and how endless my self's capacity for inventing excuses. Today is a new day.....

So.....no congratulations to Ruth .....she is the very least among you.....

May the hungry and needy find their comfort and may the pure of intention and action, their reward ........

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I've Been Tagged

Seven things I plan to do (insha'Allah) before I die:
1) Walk up to the top of Hualalai (so far, I've only made it part of the way - 6200 feet - the crater is at 8200 feet)
2) Look into the eyes of the love of my life
3) Hold my grandchild (not one is even in the "planning stage" yet, though)
4) Continue learning the ways of nature and share what I learn
5) Lighten someone's burden
6) Plant some trees
7) (this one is secret)

Seven things I can do:
1) Smile (maybe help you put a smile on your face, too)
2) Entertain children
3) Laugh at myself
4) Befriend certain wild animals and rare persons
5) Envision a world where Peace and Love reign
6) Imagine myself in your shoes
7) Enjoy life

Seven things I can't do:
1) Fly
2) Hate
3) Tell a lie (well, this is a tricky one - speaking absolute truth is most difficult - and I've told many lies in my life - but nowadays it pains me when I find myself being less than truthful)
4) Forgive myself my weaknesses and failures (leave that to God and my friends, I guess)
5) Reverse what has already been said or done
6) Think in a straight line
7) Remember a lot of stuff.....what was the question, again?

Seven things I say most often:
1) Thank you
2) Aloha
3) I'm sorry (or Oops)
4) Yay!
5) Yep
6) No way....
7) My name is Ruth; how can I help you? (I work in a tourist-related business - I really do say this many, many times each day)

Seven people I want to do this: I'm not sure who my readers are(if anyone) I would LOVE to get to know you better, please volunteer in the comments section, and by the way, seven is not MY limit (smile)

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