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Sunday, August 14, 2005

beyond the bones

beyond the bones, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

supporting heaven

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I believed that if I only loved you enough,
you would live.....

you commanded me to live
and then you died

dogan, I believe

Friday, August 05, 2005

Mo'okini Heiau

Yesterday's visit to this sacred site was unplanned. We were enjoying a quiet picnic lunch on a secluded windy bluff in North Kohala when a middle-aged Japanese tourist couple approached. Without speaking English, the gentleman pointed to his map and inquired how to locate the heiau. We gave him directions and sent them on their way - and then decided to go visit the site, as well. It is accessible by an unpaved (often treacherously muddy and rutted)road; perhaps the couple might encounter difficulties with their rental car, not being equipped with 4-wheel drive. And so....we once again visited this eery and lonely place. I wonder if those who have not been told of the temple's history feel the same way as I do? - I am so mindful of the many lives given here - were they willing participants or was their sacrifice only decreed by the powerful kahunas? Wonder why I can enter without dread or fear? Is it merely a ghoulish curiosity that brings us here? I think of so many ghosts...why is there nothing green growing within these walls? The tourist couple seemed to appreciate our presence; they snapped photos of us (am I beginning to look native, I wonder?)

After leaving the inner walls, I caught sight of an "ahi" bird (?) flying over us(a relative of the albatross, I'm told) The high winds caused it's flight to zig-zag - the bird's determined course over North Kohala reminded me of the tacking of a sailboat. And our drive home included sightings of an owl and two rainbows. Last night I dreamt of supervising a young lithe girl as she dove and swam with two whales.

Our little island has had a rough week - brush fires and high winds exacted a heavy toll - somehow the diversion of course to the Heiau was proper.

within Mo'okini Heiau

within Mo'okini Heiau, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

...so many....

the place of sacrifice

someone recently brought an offering - I don't know the name of the seeds strung on the lei

remains of the heiau

remains of the heiau, originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

Mo'okini Heiau - according to the chants (oral history and genealogy) built around 340 AD and dedicated to Ku - the site of many human sacrifices - virtually nothing growing within the walls except lichen

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

lava flow (pahoehoe), originally uploaded by morningstar treebud.

I live in a place where even a mountain of hardened stone can melt like butter

Do you believe in God?

Oh, no, I believe......in something much bigger........

Monday, August 01, 2005

Youssou N'Dour - So many men

I feel like a bird today
I'm gonna show you, I'm gonna make it
set me free.....

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