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one of my favorite quotes: Be Humble for you are made of earth; Be Noble for you are made of stars.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

(Untitled) sometime in 1999

If I could be a snowflake,
thought a little speck of dust,
I would enchant with my symmetry,
my infinite intricacies;
I would sting you with my icy beauty,
breaking your heart as I melt into a drop,
upon your touch.....

...or, if I could be a grain of sand,
refined into its essence
by the eons of ocean waves,
secure in the wisdom of ages.....

....or a diamond, even,
reflecting while transforming light,
a perfection of time and fire.....

...or maybe a pearl,
pure and white,
luminous from layers of oyster love.....

....ah well, wishes are not alchemy,
I am a speck of dust,
I am nothing.....

...there is hope, though.....

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Weaving the Aurora

We spin in a dervish's dance
the silken threads of dream wishes,
enclosing ourselves in that cocoon;
and when the hour of unfolding has come
we will hang that shimmering tapestry
from the stars.

June 1999

The Hermit Thrush
ophe 11/16/01

after Zeus roared,
while all the world hid in shuttered silence,
even the wind not daring to breathe,
one tiny trembling heart,
could no longer withhold
her bursting song of Praise.

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