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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Honey, I'm hooooome!

.....A celebratory graduation, an extended visit with my mother and her companions in elder heaven-on-earth, a woman-only weekend with all my daughters, picnic and poker in a pittsburgh park, an arts festival, a piano concert, a zany umbrella circus, a visit to the emergency room and seemingly endless hours spent in highway driving and in airports and planes - a busy and refreshing reunion with family and roots that returns me home to Hawaii with firmer resolve and optimism - and gratitude- yes!

In spite of the massive population in the East Coast lands, Nature shows her face in many ways (sometimes so subtly) - it becomes my daily search to discover her.....

It seems I bring something of Hawaii's blessedness to others as I travel - (question from Alvin - "so.....you're just going to come here and touch our hearts and then leave?" Alvin, it seems I am always saying "farewell" - its one of life's trials for me, I guess, how to loosen the binding ties of love without breaking them) And Hawaiian way is all about OPENING our hearts to one another - something I hope I never forget, no matter where my destiny should take me........

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