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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Today's post is just a catch-up for those who've been asking what I've been up to in the past few weeks....

A lot has happened recently, including:

3 deaths of friends/acquantainces (people I really, really wish I'd gotten to know better) Judy and Jerry (husband and wife activists, volunteers and leaders - bear-hugging, loving, good folks) died together in a highway car crash and Dave (the philosopher/Buddhist auto mechanic) who died quietly in the hospital.........they were each part of the eclectic society of friendly and thoughtful ones who helped to make this island a home and they will be missed....

Hammy and the other pigs are all gone now for over two weeks - the hunters came through and the pigs have all been either shot, trapped, or run off to hide in safer territory. I hope Hammy made it ....she has been through this before and survived.......maybe we'll see her back again when the avocado tree starts dropping it's fruits next season......sigh....never thought I would find myself missing a pig....

A new game - my son and I have been playing Scrabble frequently in the evenings (he ALWAYS beats me) - and this week's innovation we have dubbed "Blabble" - the words may NOT be real words, cannot appear in the dictionary, but must conform to English spelling standards - AND one must invent a definition to accompany the "new word" - the game is a hoot! Surprisingly, it does present some challenge, although virtually every word is a "bingo" (using all 7 letters at once with a 50-point bonus) - and yes, he beat me at this game, too(844 - 576) - Go Will!

I spent an invigorating weekend at the Volcano National Park with a group of high school students, representing the various regions and cultures of our Island. It was a leadership training camp and I was one of the chaperones / mentors. Lots of thought-provoking problem-solving exercises and puzzles, games, Tai Chi, even a visit from a famous coach - we all hope that next year's camp will include more physical and outdoor activities and last longer - I guess that's positive feedback. I do have renewed faith in our future - a diverse group of intelligent, creative and committed individuals to lead us....if only we will listen to them....This particular group of students has agreed and committed to a project that extends beyond the short weekend camp and will likely have a positive impact on many lives.

Lots of long walks and challenging hikes, beautiful sunsets, etc.....Life is Good!

so.....some glad news, some sad news, some inconsequential news....... my postcard to you (smile)

speaking of postcards; one from Jeremy:

The weather is here;
Wish you were beautiful!

A hui hou (until we meet again)

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