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Monday, January 17, 2005

I've been having some interesting dreams lately. It seems they arrive about 4am, just about the time when the morning noises slowly start and I lie in semi-slumber, vaguely aware of a humming vibration in my solar plexus.

In one of the dreams I was given the Book....the Book that had all the answers to my questions....the Book of my life....and I was thrilled. Not only were the answers there, but so were the instructions. It would be so simple; I need only follow the simple instructions and I could be sure that I was following the correct path and fulfilling the purpose I was born to. And then I woke and remembered nothing of what the Book had within its pages. (sigh)

The next night, I dreamt that I finally understood what it was I was to speak of....not necessarily what I wanted or wished to speak of, but what was NEEDED. (there can be a difference). Again, I woke and could remember nothing of the details, only that I should distinguish between these two and choose the necessity.

And last night, in the Dream, I could touch, see and move the energy fields....they appeared like colorful bouncing bubbles to me......they were marvelous to behold and to know. I woke and was delighted that I had not been deceived......the experiences were real....and then I really woke and discovered that it had been dream within a dream!

Frustrating dreams and yet promising, too. Feels like I'm maybe getting close to something....

For today, what I wish to say, and what I believe may need to be said is this:
The world is depending upon you.

but my silence is better

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