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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


People get the face they deserve, it's been said. I used to say I wanted to have either a stunningly beautiful face, or a strikingly homely one; at least it would create an impression and a reaction; I could then read people's souls, mirrored in their reaction to my face.....


One early morning, before dawn, alone in the house and sound asleep, I was awakened by knocking on the door. I got up and checked - nooone there - it must have been a dream and I went back to sleep quickly. Some time later, still before dawn, I awoke again to the knocking on my door. Again I rose and checked all the doors - noone to be seen. Back to bed and back to my sleep. When I heard the knocking on the door the third time, I didn't bother getting up. - just some strange night noises, I thought and attempted to sleep again. Just as I began to drop into sleep again, a vision appeared to my closed eyes - a parade of faces swam into my vision, appearing one at a time - a kind of parade of humanity: infant, toothless elder, a woman in her prime, a man in his pride - their faces wore a wide variety of emotions, too - grief, joy, curiosity, fear and many more - it was a wondrous sort of dream/revery and I fell back to sleep feeling blissful. Perhaps I was rerunning a mental tape of something I'd once seen in a film - I don't know - I do know that I felt as if I'd experienced a divine visitation and that all my visitors were very beautiful.


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