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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Preserve and protect what is most precious....create a sanctuary in your heart

from Kaili'ohe's Stories of the Ancient People

"It was the belief of our family line that we had been here from the beginning. People had gone out from our land to the East and to the West, and populated other lands. We had chants that told of such migrations from our islands.

We taught by stories and parables. One of the earliest and most important to us was:

Each child born has at birth, a Bowl of perfect Light. If he tends his Light it will grow in strength and he can do all things --swim with the shark, fly with the birds, know and understand all things. If, however, he becomes envious or jealous he drops a stone into his Bowl of Light and some of the Light goes out. Light andthe stone cannot hold the same space. If he continues to put stones in the Bowl of Light, the Light will go out and he will become a stone. A stone does not grow, nor does it move. If at any time he tires of being a stone, all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall away and the Light will grow once more."


Release your stones, drop them by the way
you don't need them, do you?
tend your Bowl of Light
we need you and your light,


My last night's dream, again, I was given a child to care for.....

These "mothering" dreams occur frequently. Another one, a few years back, was most beautiful. The infant I was given to tend was plump and deliciously healthy. In the dream, I was to bathe the baby. As I held the child gently in one hand in a basin of bath water, I soaped and rinsed the skin with the other. As I bathed the baby's back, I noticed little bumps on each shoulder blade.....and looking more closely, saw that they were little buds of some sort of growth.......buds of wings?......in the dream I saw that I'd been given a budding angel to bathe......The morning after this dream, I was shocked to read of the disastrous earthquakes in Turkey where thousands lost their lives. I've a friend living in Turkey, I have a real "heart" connection there......and so I wondered, if somehow my dream had been an unearthly reality....that I had indeed prepared an infant angel.....well, dreams do cause such wonder at times......

Not all of my dreams of children given to me to tend are related to earth-shaking calamities, of course. Usually they do serve to remind me, though. They fill me with a sense of privelege and honor, a sense of responsibility for the precious ones. And then I wake, empty-armed, and wonder.

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