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Friday, December 03, 2004

Finding One's Voice ...... or "Don't Die with your Song Unsung"

One of my daughters is a professional opera singer. It was a great pleasure to participate in her growing up years - listening to the shy child who loved music and wiled away hours at the piano, humming and making up her own songs - watching her blossom into a gifted master - the kind of singer that brings tears to your eyes and wonder in your heart when you hear her. One evening in Philadelphia, I attended a free performance by her and a few of her classmates in the Master's Program. Each of the singers was endowed with enormous talent and had already achieved a level of artistry that is rare and precious. What was most touching was the realization of the love that each brought to their craft and the unique humanity of each voice and each performer. They were singing only for the love of music and to share this music and their voices with whomever might show up. The composers in heaven must have been smiling. The evening's concert was a visitation of angels and it was a true privelege to be there. More than once, I felt the presence of the divine and was enthralled, I imagine others were too. After the concert it took some time for the audience to file out the one exit door and so there was a line. Behind me in the line was a man, humming to himself. I made a friendly comment to him that he had a talent as a singer too, and he smiled and nodded. I then made some remark to my own lack of talents. His reply...."we all have gifts, yours is a beautiful presence." (I quickly ducked into the coat closet, in embarrassment)

This reply of his has stayed with me for years - my first reaction was that of embarrassment and then I became very sad..... "great!....my only talent is in showing up!" yes, I know he didn't know me well..... but.......there was a spark of truth in his words (he might have been a wise seer, in fact) If there was any beauty in my presence during that evening's concert, it was due to the love and appreciation I felt for the singers, for the music, and for the divine flow I experienced in that room that night....and somehow I was no longer mere witness....

Presence has something to do with love, something to do with God, loving what you are doing or experiencing, allowing the light to shine through you. Allowing your human essence to live and breathe, perhaps. And maybe, even, sometimes just to show up as witness?

In the case of this little blog, I plan to share what I love and find beautiful, perhaps discover my writing voice ..... or if nothing else......I'm going to show up. And even better, perhaps I'll encourage another shy budding "singer" to "show up" and share their "voice".

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