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Friday, July 22, 2005


a distant memory......

...back in the day, when I was the recipient of (and much dependent upon) child support payments from my ex-husband, visits to the Family Court were a real trial for me, as the ex had a volatile temper and would often be loudly argumentative.

I often shamed myself with tears of humiliation ....

One time, upon the petition of my ex-husband to reduce child support payments, I appeared in the Court alone, figuring a representing attorney would just be additional cost to me and that I was capable of presenting the financial data (W-2's and tax returns) adequately myself. The decision was to be based upon a general calculation and presumably not biased by emotional petitions. It is a simple matter when both parties are employed and the income and expenses are easily verified. The calculation this time resulted in a very trivial reduction in payment. So, I asked my ex-husband if it had been worthwhile for him to hire an attorney for such a minor adjustment. His attorney answered back for him quickly.... "It's not the money, it is the principle!"

I quietly asked him, "What principle is that?" His response was silence.....

I heard a week or so later that he had "fired" my ex as a client and would no longer represent him....

imagine...... a divorce attorney finds his integrity.......

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